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Drain cleaning plumbing for your toilet, sewer, shower, bathtub, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, utility sink, storm drains, floor drain & washer drain in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Portage, Climax, Schoolcraft, Plainwell, MI. If your Plumbing is backed up then Drain Monkeys can unclog these drains. They have service clogged plumbing since 1996 in Southwest, MI. All of your drains will tie into the plumbing of your sewer drain pipe. Call Drain Monkeys for service today, they never rest because their customers are priority #1 for taking care of your backed up pluming.

All the plumbing in your house will get a buildup over the years mainly grease will build-up in the line especially your kitchen sink. Your kitchen sink plumbing like a cast iron pipe will get a scale (rust) buildup that will catch small pieces of food that will turn into grease over time causing your plumbing to clog up. Usually the kitchen sink drain will run about 5 feet to 50 feet where it will tie into the pluming of the sewer. The plumbing under your sink like the trap which will be either a P-trap that will go into the wall or a S-trap that will go thorough the floor of the cabinet, these traps will get a heavy build up of grease & when Drain Monkeys services these your kitchen sink they will clean the grease out of the traps. Drain Monkeys has Plumbers snake to handle all your backed drain issues.

Drain monkeys experience for backed up pluming of your toilet, they first started in 1996 & when it comes to servicing toilets the look no further than Drain Monkeys because they will service your stool & get it functioning the way it should be. They will check the plumbing parts inside the tank of the toilet like the water fill valve & flush valve. Sometimes the fill valve can get a crust film on it cause from hard water that will interfere with the performance of the fill valve. If the water level is not filling the toilet to the level the factory set it at then this can cause the toilet to back up because there isn’t enough water to get maximum flush. The plumbing in a toilet can be vary temperamental. Some times the flush valve (flapper) can cause a clog in your pluming as well, If the flush valve doesn’t stay open long enough then it cuts the water off to fast at the bowl allowing it to use all the water for a good flowing maximum flush.

If your plumbing needs to be cleaned then call the pro's Drain Monkeys will have your drain free & clear running like new again.If you want an experienced company to service your plumbing & not overcharge you for a service that shouldn't break the bank then Drain Monkeys is your go to drain cleaning company for service of your clogged plumbing.

Drain Monkeys upfront pricing & no hidden fees guarantee so you will not be left with an expensive bill that will shock you when their are done. They will always be upfront & let you know how much you will have to pay before they are done. Call Drain Monkeys for a service call today at (269) 366-8087

Drain cleaning plumbing of a sewer pipe exiting the house going the the city main sewer

Backed up sewer exiting the house & tying into the cities plumbing. You should always call the city water & sewer division before having your sewer cleaned.

If you call the city to check their sewer in the street & their plumbing is clogged at the street, you wont have to call any one to come clean you're sewer. Drain Monkeys is here to take care of your drain cleaning plumbing issues day or night.

Drain Monkeys is here to take care of your drain cleaning plumbing issues day or night .