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Drain Monkeys Drain Cleaning Service In Kalamazoo

Drain cleaning service in Kalamazoo, Drain monkeys cleans plugged up drains like a floor drain, toilet, bathroom sink, bathtub, sewer, septic tank, washer machine drain, kitchen sink, roof vent, pipes, plumbing, utility sink, stand pipes, P-traps, S-traps, jet holes in a toilet, storm drains. Drain Monkeys has serviced drains in Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1996 & offers very affordable rates for drain cleaning. If you are looking for a drain service company that is honest with upfront pricing with no hidden fees guaranteed & great quality workmanship on your drains then you just need to call drain monkeys. Put Drain Monkeys 23 years of experience to work for you today you will be glad that you did. We are open 24/7 to clean your drains because we know that when a drain plugs up it shouldn’t have to wait.  

Drain cleaning a plugged sewer in Kalamazoo, MI, when we clean your main drain (sewer pipe) we will clean it from the clean out in your basement. Usually, the clean out will be on the end of the drain pipe a 3 inch or 4 inch PVC, cast-iron pipe. When we clean out the sewer main it will be clean all the way to your septic tank or to the middle of the street where it will tie into the the city sewer.

Most sewer pipe will have a run of 90 feet or less when tying into the city main. If you are on a septic tank it usually be 50 feet or less to the septic tank. We will use our Ridgid K-750 drain cleaning machine to service your sewer pipe. Our drain snake cable allows us to change to different sizes as some sewer pipes will range from 3 inch to 6 inch PVC, cast-iron & clay tile pipes.

The most common things that plug up a sewer drain is roots, foreign material such as tampons, applicators & wet wipes. Theses things are not good to flush down the toilet even if they say flushable. These products don’t break up like toilet paper & will only swell inside the sewer pipe & snag up causing a plugged up sewer main.

Cleaning a plugged up toilet in Kalamazoo, MI. When we clean your toilet we will use our drain snake auger to clear the obstruction out of the trap. All commodes (toilet) will have a trap as this will keep the sewer gases from escaping. Usually any obstructions will clog up in the trap of the toilet. Sometime the obstruction can wind up at the very bottom of the stool as the hole will be a little bit smaller than the top opening at the top of the toilet.It may be necessary to use our shop vac. to help in the aid of getting the clog out of the stool.

If we are not able to get the obstruction out of the toilet this way we will suck the water out of the tank & bowl with the shop vac. After the water is emptied out the stool will be pulled from the flange & set on its side to be serviced. The toilet will need to be cleaned from the bottom at the opening using our drain snake auger. The auger will push the obstruction back up through the trap pushing it out at the top of the opening of the stool.

The service technician will use a shop vac. to make sure the obstruction is out of the trap of the toilet.When this is done the toilet will be set back on to the toilet flange with a new wax ring so the toilet is sealed good to the flange. The new wax ring will ensure no leaks when you flush your toilet.

The parts that are inside the tank of your the commode will check & inspected for maximum performance of your toilet. How we check your toilet when we are done is flushing your stool with toilet paper because if there is anything else left in the trap it will snag up on it causing it to plug up immediately & if it flushes down good with toilet paper then the clog is gone. This process will be repeated several times to ensure a long lasting great flushing toilet.

Common causes of a plugged up toilet is toys, wet wipes, paper towel & solids. Drain Monkeys pulls out a lot of toys out of the trap of toilets as kids will be kids having fun causing a plug in the stool. Wet wipes & paper towel will snag up in the trap of your commode & cause it to plug up. Wet wipes & paper towel will not break up like toilet paper, toilet paper will break up into many small pieces. Wet wipes & paper towel will hold there true form plugging up your toilet. If the paper towels or wet wipes get into your sewer main it can cause your sewer to plug as well.

Drain cleaning a plugged up kitchen sink in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Your kitchen sink drain can share the same drain pipe as you floor drain or washer machine drain. If this is the case then our service technician will clean your kitchen sink starting just past the P-trap or S-trap which ever you have under the sink. The drain line for the kitchen sink will usually run about 5 feet to 50 feet to where ever it ties into like a sewer or septic tank, drain field, dry well. In older homes it could just bypass the sewer & go into a septic tank or leach field. It is not so common these days for a kitchen sink drain pipe to drain directly into a septic tank or dry well but it was back in the day.

Drain Monkeys uses a Ridgid K-3800 drain cleaning machine to clean out kitchen sink drain pipes. This machine has 75 feet of drain snake cable long enough to reach just about any obstruction in your drain pipe for your kitchen sink. Kitchen sink drain pipes are made of PVC, cast-iron & galvanized plumbing. If your plumbing is galvanized or cast iron then you will get a build up of grease & scale eventually causing it to plug up with grease & scale. Our drain snake will clean out the grease & scale from inside the drain pipe so your drain will flow good again. If your plumbing is PVC the most likely you will just have grease & possibly lint if your kitchen sink shares the same drain pipe as your washer machine drain. Regardless if your washer machine, floor drain are sharing the same drain pipe we will make sure the entire pipe is cleaned & not leaving any pf your plumbing uncleaned for your kitchen sink, floor drain, washer machine drain.  

The most common causes of a plugged up kitchen sink is lint, grease, food, scale & some time the roof vent. If your drain pipe is galvanized or cast iron then your pipe on the inside will get scale (rust) that will snag grease, food & lint over the years of washing your dishes. The inside of the drain pipe will rot out from the inside out, when this happens you will get a heavy scale build up inside the drain pipe & eventually it will start to get pin holes in it where water will start to drip. When this happens it is best to just replace & update the plumbing to PVC. Sometime your roof vent can plug up & when this happens it will make your sink drain very slow. If your roof vent gets plugged up it can be cleaned from on top of the roof with our drain cleaning machine or hydro jet.

Cleaning a plugged up bathtub in Kalamazoo, MI. Most bathtubs drain pipes will run 5 feet to 20 feet before tying into your sewer pipe. When our service technician clans your bath tub he will clean the drain pipe to the sewer main. The machine we use is the General Super Vee that has 25 feet of drain snake cable. The drain will be cleaned from the overflow in the bathtub. Some bathtubs usually in older homes will have a drum trap in stead of a P-trap. The drum trap is a older style trap that is about 3 inches round with a drain pipe that goes into the trap at the bottom of it coming from the bathtub this is the inlet pipe. The outlet pipe goes out at the top of the drum trap going over to the mai drain (sewer pipe).

If you have older plumbing with a drum trap it will be in a closet with an access panel usually. We will have to go through the panel to get to the drum trap. Once we have taken off the clean out cap to to the drum trap. After removing the clean out cap we will clean the inlet pipe at the bottom of the drum trap going back to the bath tub & we will clean the outlet pipe going over to the sewer main.

The most common thing that plug up a bathtub is hair, grease, scale, sop scum. When you take a shower or bath you will lose hair & it will go down the drain collecting inside the pipe snagging on the scale (rust) causing it to plug up. When you also are washing your hair & body the soap that you use & the conditioner that you use on your hair will have a waxy texture that will wash down the bathtub drain that will cause a soap scum build up inside the drain pipe. Your body also has natural oils that will wash down the drain turning into grease that will stick to any hair that is building up int the drain that will cause a clog eventually.

Drain cleaning a plugged up washer machine drain in Kalamazoo, MI. When Drain Monkeys services your washer drain they will clean the entire pipe the your floor drain or to the sewer which ever the washer drain ties into. Your washer drain can share the same drain pipe that your floor drain uses. If this is he case your washer drain will be cleaned to the floor drain & then from the floor drain to the sewer pipe. If your washer drain pipe doesn’t tie into the floor drain it will be cleaned to the sewer pipe.

Most drain pipes for a washer drain will have a run of 5 feet to 45 feet. The drain technician will use a Ridgid K-3800 drain cleaning machine to unplug your washer drain. This machine has 75 feet of cable which is more than enough to reach any clog. Some washer drain will drain into a drain field or dry well, we find this in much older homes that haven’t had any updates to their plumbing. We have even clean washer drain that drain directly into a septic tank as well.

Common causes of a plugged up washer machine drain is lint, grease, scale. If your plumbing for your washer drain is not PVC & is made of cast iron or galvanized it will get a build up of rust (scale) that will snag any lint that is deposited from your washer machine. Over the months & years your drain pipe for your washer will build up with lint from that scale inside the pipe causing it to plug up, it is only a matter of time before this happens. If you have more modern plumbing such as PVC you can still get a plugged up drain from lint catching on any bellies in your plumbing or offset joints. Grease will build up in PVC, cast iron, galvanized pipes. When you wash your cloths the cloths will have oils from your body that has absorbed into your clothing & these oils will be deposited into the drain pipe when your washer discharges the water on the spin cycle. after years of your washer machine discharging these oils into the drain pipe it will turn into grease snagging up the lint as it is flowing through your drain pipe.

Drain cleaning a Plugged up bathroom sink in Kalamazoo, MI. When we clean your bathroom sink we will start at the P-trap or S-trap which ever you have. We will take the trap apart & inspect it. The waste out (tail piece) from the drain under the sink will be cleaned as well. The pop-up assembly will be cleaned as this will catch hair & it will get a grease build up from shaving, brushing your teeth, washing your hands, make-up from washing your face, shaving. After we inspected & cleaned this we will rod out the drain pipe past the trap. If it is a P-trap it will be cleaned at the wall going over to the roof vent or sewer main. If it is a S-trap it will be cleaned at the bottom of the vanity cabinet going all the way to the sewer pipe. Usually, the drain pipe for your bathroom sink will have a run of 5 feet to 15 feet where it will tie into the main sewer line.  

Common cause of a plugged up bathroom sink is grease & hair, when you brush your teeth, wash your face, shave, wash your make up off your face this will leave a build up inside the drain pipe of the bathroom sink. Over many years of brushing & combing your hair it will fall into the drain & when you turn the water on it will wash down the drain pipe collecting on the grease as the grease is sticky which makes the hair cling to it causing it to plug up over time.   

When you notice any of your drains running slow it is best to get them cleaned as soon as possible because most likely it will be cheaper & you don’t run the risk of water damage from the drain pipe backing up causing water damage to your business or home.  

Drain Monkeys gives a 30 day guarantee on workmanship, there is some limitation to the 30 day guarantee, for instance foreign material like tampons, wet wipes things of this nature this will void the guarantee.

Drain Monkeys is available 24/7 to service your drains at your business or home. Call us at (269) 366-8087 & we will dispatch a very experience drain technician to your home or business.  

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