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Drain cleaning your plumbing in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Portage, Battle Creek, Richland, Plainwell, Otsego, Mattawan, Delton, Vicksburg, Climax, Schoolcraft, Centreville, Threerivers, Scotts, Fulton, Agusta, Galesburg, Pennfield, Emmett Charter Township, Bellevue, Albion, Homer, Tekonsha, Coldwater, Union, City, Burlington, MI. If you need us to unclog your kitchen sink, pop machine drains, toilets, urinal, trench drains, grease traps, bar sinks, steam table drain, prep sink, cooler drains, floor drain, slop sink. bathtub, bathroom sink, washer machine drain, stand pipe, janitors closet drain, storm drain, garbage disposal drain, 3 compartment sink drain, sewer then we can help you today beacuse we know that your clogged plumbing for your drains cant wait.  Drain Monkeys is all about customer care & Quality drain cleaning for all your needs. Drain Monkeys owner has 24 years of unclogging plumbing & has hundreds of happy customers throughout his years service.

Drain Monkeys is a professional drain cleaning company located in Portage, MI. They Service many locations in Michigan & offer some of the cheapest rates day or night that you will find in a drain cleaning company. 

We will always be very thorough when cleaning your plumbing because we don’t cut corners & there’s only one way to clean out your plumbing & that is the right way the first time. We take pride in our work & expect your plumbing & drains to drain good for a very long time.  

How your plumbing works for your drains. All of your drains in your home or business all tie in together. Take you washer machine drain for instance when the plumbing for your washer machine clogs up it can also back up through your flood drain this is because your washer drain ties into your floor drain before it hooks into the plumbing for your sewer. When you have drains that are using that same plumbing before tying into the sewer main it can affect more than just one drain.  

It is not uncommon for your floor drain & washer machine drain to share the same pluming. When you are washing clothing & you noticed that the floor drain is backing up with water when your washer machine is on the spin cycle then the clog is past the floor drain & the washer machine drain ties behind the floor drain or in some cases just the opposite it just depending on how your plumbing is laid out. When we clean out your plumbing we will clean it from the washer drain & then to the floor drain going over ti the sewer main.  

Your bathtub & bathroom sink can share the sane plumbing as well. If you are running water form the bathroom sink & it backs up into the bathtub then these two will share the same plumbing before tying into the sewer main. It is also possible that the plumbing for your sewer is clogged up as well if you run water from your bathroom sink & it backs up in the bathtub. If you flush your toilet & it backs up into the bathtub then you know that your sewer is clogged.

All of your plumbing for your drains like a kitchen sink, bathtub, grease trap, boiler drain, bar drain, washer machine, toilet, showers, garbage disposal, janitors closet drain, urinal, prep sink, bathtub, steam table drain, cooler drain, utility sink, in your home or business will tie into your sewer main. Your plumbing for your sewer will tie into the city sewer main in the middle of the street or it will tie into a septic tank. Most plumbing for a sewer main that ties into the city sewer will have a run of 100 feet or less & if your plumbing goes into a septic tank then you will usually have a run of 60 feet or less.

The plumbing for your toilet is the sewer main & trap. The trap starts at the opening in the bowl of your toilet. It is not uncommon for the trap to get clogged with waste & toilet paper when this happens then your clogged toilet will need to be cleaned. When you have a clogged sewer this can effect your toilet from flushing as well. The internal parts in the tank of your toilet take a major role in how your toilet flushes. Located inside the take is your flush valve & fill valve & of any of these are not working properly id can cause your toilet to clog.

Common cause of clogged plumbing is grease, scale, roots & foreign material. The thing will build up in the drain pipe and settle in offset joints or bellies in your plumbing. Roots will grow through cracks & bad joints in your plumbing causing it to clog up over time.

Drain Monkeys is available 24/7 to clean your plumbing so if you have an emergency please call us day or night at (269) 366-80807 overtime rate will apply after 4:30 pm call for pricing, You will find that even our overtime rate will be cheaper than most of our competition.

Drain Monkeys uses the best Ridgid drain cleaning machine to clean your plumbing. Out of all the years of servicing clogged plumbing our opinion for using these drain machines does the best when it come to unclogging drains. Ridgid drain machine allows us to get the job done professionally with the best result possible for your plumbing issues.

To learn more about Drain Monkeys & their services please visit their home page.

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