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Drain service for Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Augusta, Portage, Vicksburg, Climax, Oshtemo, Mattawan, Schoolcraft, Three Rivers, Plainwell, Richland, Delton, Hastings, Scotts, Fulton, Battle Creek, Emmett Charter Township, Bellevue, Bedford, Pennfield,  Athens, Union city, Burlington, Tekonsha, Cloldwater, Homer, Albion, MI, for all your drain care needs. Drain Monkeys all types of clogged drains, they unclog drains for kitchen sinks, toilets, sewer, grease traps, bar sink, janitors closet drain, pop machine drain, bathtub, steam table drain, cooler drain, prep sinks, bathroom sink, washer machine drain, storm drains, drain pipes, stand pipes, frozen drains. If you are looking for a drain service company to clear your clogged drains at a cheap rate, very experienced, honest, knowledgeable, with 24 years of experience unclogging backed up drains then you should call Drain Monkeys. We are available 24/7 for all your drain emergencies because they are all about taking good care of their customers when ever you need them no matter what time it is night or day (24/7). You will find that their rates will be cheaper than most of their major competitors day or night rates. When you call to have your drain worked on Drain Monkeys will send you a highly qualified drain technician to unclog your drains so you can be assured that your drains will be flowing like new again & last a very long time.     

Drain Monkeys gives a 30 day guarantee on workmanship some exclusions do apply (ask for details) we take pride in the work that we do for you because our reputation is on the line so we stand behind our work 100% to ensure happy customers. When you use our service we want your  experience to be a good one from the time we take your phone call to the time our drain technician leaves your home. Drain Monkeys time will not start until they knock on your door at our home guaranteed!           

The owner of Drain Monkeys started servicing drains in 1996, He has cleaned hundreds of drains throughout his career & now has decided it is time to go out on his own staring his own business (Drain Monkey) all the while keeping his overhead very low so he can offer some of the cheapest rates in Michigan for his customers. He will be the one cleaning your drains so you know you will be getting an expert drain technician to service drains.           

We are here for you whenever you needs us because we know how stressful it can be when you have drain issues. Call us day or night we are ready to respond & take care of your needs to relieve you of stressing over your backed up drains. We usually can unclog most drains within an hour but every situation is different & at times can run over the hour.        

Clogged Kitchen sink

Most clogged kitchen sinks will get a build up of grease over the years of washing dishes. The grease build-up will get thick as the layers build up in your drain pipe (plumbing) eventually causing it to clog. If your saying you don’t dump grease down your drain then we are talking about the grease that is coming from the food particles that get washed down the drain from washing dishes. Once the food particles have have been deposited into the drain pipe then the bacteria will take over & start breaking the food down turning into grease. If you have a garbage disposal  then this will only speed up the process of the build-up of grease. Most people don’t run enough water when using their garbage disposal. You should always use hot water & fill the sink at least half way with hot water then pull the plug to drain the kitchen sink to help force the food particles to be washed out of the pipe & into the main drain (sewer) then on out to the city sewer main. 

When we are cleaning a kitchen we use the best drain snake machines made for kitchen sink drains. We use the ridgid K-3800 that has 75 feet of drain snake cable, this machine works great to unclog your kitchen sink.. This drain snake machine will unclog your sink drain with ease making our job much easier to unclog your kitchen sink. Most kitchen sinks drain lines will tie directly into your main drain (sewer pipe) which will have a run of 5 feet to 50 feet. When we clean your plumbing (drain pipe) we will clean it all the way to the sewer main so we don’t leave any pipe (plumbing) uncleaned. 

Sometimes your clogged kitchen sink can tie directly into a septic tank if you have an older home as they would run some grey water (no solids) lines into a septic tank back in the day. If this is the case we will clean your kitchen sink to the septic tank. The run for the drain pipe of your kitchen sink that ties into a septic tank can be 40 feet to 60 feet if your tank is withing 30 feet of your house. 

Clogged toilet

Most clogged toilets now a days are due to lower water volume, if your toilet is clogging all the time it is best to check the water level inside the tank. If you can adjust the water level higher in the tank then this can help a lot. If you adjust the water level higher makes sure that you don’t adjust it so high that the water level goes over the over flow tube. If the water level makes it over the over flow tube your water will continuously keep running making a very expensive water bill. The fill valve is designed to shut off at a certain level in the tank of the toilet so make sure you keep the water level set just under an inch from the overflow tube.  

Your toilet (commode) will have small holes (jet holes) in the bottom rim of the bowl, sometimes these will clog with scale (rusty water) which will affect the performance of a flush possibly resulting in a clogged toilet. You can clean the jets by simply dumping the works toilet bowl cleaner down the over flow tube & let it set for about an hour. After an hour flush the toilet & usually the jets for your toilet will be clean & you should see the water coming out of the jet holes like new again. If you this process didn’t work then you can still clan it manually. If you have a sewing needle you can force the sewing needle into the jet holes to clean them manually but be careful not to break the needle off inside the jet hole. It is best to use the biggest sewing needle you can find that will fit into the jet hole of your toilet.

When drain monkeys services clogged toilets they will use their snake auger ( stool auger) to unclog your toilet removing any obstructions in the trap of your toilet. the most common thing we find in clogged toilets are scale build-up, wet wipes, applicators, tampons, toys. Our drain snake auger will pull out any foreign materials lodged in the trap of the stool. Sometime it may be necessary to pull the stool (commode) to unclog the toilet. We may have to use the drain snake auger at the bottom of the toilet & force it back up through the top of the commode. We will finish clearing the obstruction by using our shop vac. as well to ensure your toilet is free & clear of any clog. When we reset your stool back onto the toilet flange we will use a new wax ring so your stool will have a good seal. It is important to use a new wax ring so your toilet wont leak at the base of the toilet.

Clogged Washer Drain

Cleaning your clogged washer drain, When we clan your washer drain will clean the drain pipe to the tie in at the sewer or to the septic tank which ever it ties into. We will you our Ridgid K-3800 drain snake machine that has 75 feet of drain snake cable to unclog your washer machine drain pipe. Washer machine do have built in lint traps but they don’t filter out all the lint which will deposit lint inside your plumbing (drain pipe) that will cause it to clog up with lint over the years of washing your cloths. Most washer drains will have run of about 5 feet to 50 feet before tying into the main drain (sewer pipe) or if it ties into a septic tank it could have a run of about 60 feet in most cases. If you washer drain is tied into a septic tank then we find this in older home because back in the day they would run grey water lines directly into the septic tank & not tie it into the sewer main. We have found that sometimes they can also drain into just a drain field or dry-well as well but these are far & few in-between.

The most common thing we find when cleaning a washer machine drain is lint build-up. There are still a lot of plumbing pipes that are cast-iron & galvanized which will get a heavy scale build-up inside the pipe that will snag the lint causing it to clog up over time. We have the the equipment to unclog your drain pipes for your washer & remove some of the scale. The only way to really get rid of the scale all together is to up date your plumbing to PVC plumbing (pipe) because the cast-iron pipe & galvanized pipes will just keep getting scale as the pipe is rotting from the inside out. PVC plumbing can also still collect lint from the washer machine if the PVC joints are offset or you have a lot of grease build up in the drain pipe. The lint will stick to the grease or off-set joints eventually causing a clog.   

Some times your washer machine can share the same line with the kitchen sink drain & this is where you would be getting most of the grease build-up from. The washer drain can also tie into the floor drain this is way it could back up at the floor drain when your washing your clothes & when the washer machine discharges water it may be backing up through your floor drain. If this is the case we will rod the washer machine drain to the floor drain & then we will also rod from the floor drain to the sewer tie in or septic tank.   

Clogged Septic Tank

Servicing your clogged septic tank, we will clean the outlet pipe going to your dry well or drain-field. Sometimes roots can be the cause of the clog for the outlet pipe on your septic tank. Our drain snake will unclog the drain pipe free of roots inside the pipe causing the clog. Usually the outlet pipe will run about 40 feet to 70 feet before tying into the drain-field or dry-well. If we find that there is a heavy sludge (sewage) build-up then we may use our hydro jet at 3,100 PSI to clean out the out-let pipe from the septic tank. If your tank gets to full of sewage it can start to back up into the out let drain pipe going to the dry well or drain field. If this happens & you wait to long to pump your septic tank it can make your dry well or drain filed fail as the solids (sewage) starts to fill up in the dry well tank or drain field. The sludge will be to thick to drain through the holes dispersing into the ground.     

If your dry well start to fill with sewage then you will have to get it pumped out. How a septic tank works is solids will enter the the tank from your home or business, the septic tank will hold the solids (sewage) in the front half of the tank & there will be a baffle (cement divider) in the tank that goes down about 3 feet to keep the solids in the front of the septic tank. On the back of the tank this will be just more grey water & there is a pipe that exits the tank the out let drain pipe. The out drain pipe will have a 90 degree elbow on it with a straight piece of pipe that will go down into the tank about 3 feet. This will allow the out let pipe to stay below the solids & only draining of the grey water with out any sewage (solids). When you are running water from your home or business it will start to fill the septic tank making everything rise up into the tank until the grey water starts to drain into the out let pipe going out to your drain field or dry well.    

This is why it is important not to let your septic tank go to long before getting it pumped out. The drain field & dray well are only intended for grey water only & not sewage (solids) because as I was saying you risk having a failed system if you wait to long to get your tank pumped. You should get your septic tank pumped every 3 to 4 years.    

Common causes of a clogged septic tank are failed dry well or drain field. Usually if they have failed it because of the water table being to high around the ground that your system is suppose to drain into. If you let your septic tank get to full of solids & it backs up into the dry well or drain field it could cause it to fail because the solids will clog the holes where the grey water is suppose to drain through. Roots can clog the outlet pipe of your septic tank when they grow inside the pipe & chock off the pipe keeping it from draining.

Common causes of clogged drains are heavy roots, grease & scale in your plumbing (sewer pipe) caused by cracks in the main drain. The roots will penetrate through these cracks over time usually it takes many years, this is more common in cast iron pips & clay tile drain pipes. Roots the enter into PVC pipes will usually enter through joints that were not sealed good when the plumber used the primer & glue to set the joints at the time they installed the sewer pipe. The joints have to be sealed completely with primer & glue other wise the roots will find their way into the sewer system at the joint & clog up the sewer. Heavy grease build up is another cause for your drains to back up over time all the things getting washed down the drains like food, soap scum, lint, from washing clothes, washing your dishes, brushing your teeth, shaving, eventually by doing all these things it will cause a grease clog in your plumbing & drains.   

Drain Monkeys is here for you 24/7 so please don’t hesitate to call us no matter what time it is because we are here to serve you when you need us the most during your stress full time of drains backing up in your home. We will unclog your plumbing as fast as we can to relive the tress of the mess caused by your drains.

If you want to no more about Drain Monkeys services then check out their home page.

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