Frozen Pipes In Kalamazoo, MI

Thawing Frozen Pipes In Kalamazoo, MI

Our thawing frozen pipes in Kalamazoo, MI service. Drain Monkeys has the technology to thaw out your ice that has clogged your drains. When Drain Monkeys sends you a service technician he will use a portable hydro jet that has 3,100 PSI to inconsiderate the ice causing your plumbing to freeze up with layers of ice that have built up inside the pipe. The jet is great for removing ice, grease & scale. Drain Monkeys has serviced Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1996 for pipe thawing with hydro jetting technology (high pressure water) so you can count on Drain Monkeys to get your clogged drain running like new again.

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Pipe thawing for your sewer pipe (main drain) Usually when the plumbing for your sewer clogs with ice it is because it will run under your driveway or bellies in your plumbing, pipes. When the sewer is under the driveway as you are driving over it you are pushing the frost line deeper into the ground causing it to penetrate to the sewer pipe. If the Plumbing for your sewer pipe  doesn’t have a good slope to the tie in to the city sewer or your septic tank it will hold water. If this is the case then the water will freeze up layer after layer causing the sewer main to clog with ice.

When we use our (high pressure water) hydro jet to thaw out your frozen sewer pipe the service technician will usually go from the clean out for the sewer either in a basement or outside the home. After the he starts the motor for the hydro jet he will run the jet to the clog (ice) & the jet will start the process of thawing out your plumbing (sewer) the jet hose will work its way through the ice about 1 foot every 5 to 15 minutes. The longest run we have seen where pipes were frozen solid of ice s about 30 feet. It is rare that a sewer pipe freezes of ice for a long distances is rare but not unheard of.

Drain Monkeys is ready to serve you 24/7 for frozen pipes, pluming in Kalamazoo.

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