How To Fix Frozen Pipes

How To Fix Frozen Pipes In Kalamazoo, MI

How to fix frozen pipes in Kalamazoo, Grand rapids, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Portage, Plainwell, Delton, Otsego, Richland, Vicksburg, Climax, Scotts, Fulton, Athens, Union City, Burlington, Tekonsha, Albion MI the easy way. If you are experiencing frozen water lines or drains then we can tell you some simple tricks to try & thaw out your plumbing. If you have a small amount of pipe that is a water line & it is relatively easy to access then your in business. Drain Monkeys assumes no responsibility for damages what so ever. Once your pipe is frozen & you know for a fact that is is just a small section of water line then you can use a hair dryer to the section of the plumbing for the water line. Do not put the hair dryer directly on the plumbing as this could damage or start a fire on the pipe If it is PVC, PEX, CPVC   plumbing. IF you keep the hair dryer moving it back-and-forth concentrating only on the frozen part of the water line. While you are doing this will gradually heat the plumbing up which will start to melt the ice clog in the water line or lines. This process can take several minutes to unthaw the plumbing for the water lines. If your patient enough you will get all the ice out & the water line it will start to flow through the plumbing as intended. Make sure not to hold in one place to long if your plumbing is not galvanized or copper, plumbing. Always check to make sure the plumbing hasn’t already split because ice will expand inside the pipes causing them to split at times.

Once you have thawed out your water line or lines then it is best to insulate them to keep the cold frigid air off of them. If you know where the cold draft is coming from then it is also best to use spay foam to seal off the cold arctic air causing the pipes to freeze up. If the water line are in a cabinet & your getting a very cold draft coming from a crawl space seal off the draft & keep the cabinet doors open & place a fan in-front of the cabinet to force warm air into the cabinet. When the warm air circulates in the cabinet it will start to thaw out your frozen plumbing for your water lines. This process can take a while so be patient & make sure you seal off the draft with spray foam.

If you have a plumbing problem for your drains freezing up & the clogged drain is in an exterior wall & you don’t want to pay for a service to thaw the drain then the only way to unthaw it manually is to cut out the drywall & use a hair dryer to thaw out the frozen pluming for the clog drain. You should always know where the frozen part of the drain is in the wall before cutting into any drywall to thaw out the drain. If you do know then great your in business, After thawing out the frozen drain or plumbing be sure to put extra insulation around the drain & plumbing to keep from freezing up again.

Common causes of frozen pipes & plumbing are poor insulation in walls, no insulation wrapped around pluming, no insulation wrapped around pluming, cold arctic air making its way through holes where your pipes & plumbing go through floors & walls, pipes exposed to elements of mother nature. taking the extra time before winter hits in Kalamazoo, Michigan can pay off to winterize your plumbing & drain pipes. It will cost a lot less to do it sooner than later. Always remember to wrap your plumbing & drain pipes with heat tape & insulation to keep them from freezing.  

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