How To Unclog A Bathtub

Do You Want To Know How To Unclog A Bathtub?

How to unclog a bathtub in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Portage, Battle Creek, Emmett, Bedford, Augusta, Galesburg,  Delton, Plainwell, Oshtemo, Mattawan, Richland, Climax, Schoolcraft, Centreville, Vicksburg, Scotts, Fulton, Athens, Union City, Tekonsha, Coldwater, Homer, Albion, MI. We will tell the easiest way how to getting your bathtub draining in no time at all. The process that we will give you is some of the same methods that we use for drain cleaning bathtubs.

How to fix a clogged bathtub quickly,  the best way is to use a shop vac, you will want a good powerful Ridgid shop vac the bigger the shop vac the better as it will have more pulling power to unclog your bathtub. 

The first thing you need to do is take the two screws out of the overflow tub in the bathtub located straight up from the drain in the bathtub. The overflow will have a trip lever to stop up the water so you can take a bath on most bathtubs. 

After you have removed the two screws you will need to carefully remove the stopper. The stopper for the bathtub will be about 12 to 14 inches long so you will need to pull out the entire stopper carefully pulling out of the overflow tube.

Once you have remover the stopper then you will need to take a wet rag & set it directly over the drain in the bathtub. This is only recommended if your have a cover over the drain so the shop vac wont suck the wet rag into  the drain.

Once you have Have place the wet rag over the drain then you can use the shop vac hose after turning on the shop vac. Hold the shop vac up to the overflow & let the shop vac suck out the drain & the trap for the bathtub.

It may take 1 minute or 5 minutes to unclog the bathtub drain pipe it just depends on how bad your drain is clogged. The shop vac should be able to pull the hair & soap scum build up of the trap & drain pipe.

If the shop vac didn’t clear the clog all the way you may need to plunge it to loosen up the obstruction inside the drain pipe to do this you will need to take the wet rag & stuff it in the over flow tube.

Be sure the wet rag is to big to fall into  the overflow tube that will create another issue that you won’t want to deal with & then you will calling Drain Monkeys to fix the problem.

Once you have stuffed a big wet rag in the overflow tube you will want to use just a cheap plunger on the drain for the bathtub. When you’re plundering the bathtub use fast quick strokes with the plunger.

It is very important to make sure you have a wet rag stuffed into the overflow as this will not allow air back up through the over flow other wise plunging the bathtub drain will not do you any good because it will just sea saw back & forth.

After plunging the bathtub drain it is possible that it can drain worse but don’t worry because you can finish it up with your shop vac. When you plunger the tub drain it will probably loosen up more hair & soap scum built up in the drain pipe.

When you suck out the drain pipe with your shop vac it should suck out the rest of the hair & soap scum then you should have a good drain bathtub.

After you have unclogged your bathtub be sure to put the stopper back in the overflow tube slowly. You don’t want to break off the stopper inside the overflow. The stopper should slide back in easy you shouldn’t have to use brute force to put the stopper back into place.

If your tub drain isn’t draining by this point then it is possible you have a drum trap & not a P-trap or S-trap for your bathtub. P-traps a commonly found in older pluming like cast iron plumbing or galvanized plumbing.

If you have a drum trap it will usually be located behind a trap door in a closet directly behind the pluming for your tub handles or mixing valve for a single handle faucet. You will want to remove the trap door to gain access to the drum trap.

Once you have gained access to the P-trap you will want  to remove the clean out plug on top of the drum trap. You will want to be very care when taking off the clean out cap because you may have to use a sawzaw to cut out the clean-out plug. You want to be very care as to not hit any water lines with the blade.

After removing the clean-out cap to the drum trap take your shop vac & suck out the drum trap it may be necessary to to cover the drain in the bathtub & the overflow with a rag so you wont suck a bunch of air & allowing more pulling power for your shop vac to suck out the drain. 

Be sure to also use a wet rag around the outside of your shop vac hose to seal off the drum trap while your shop vac hose is inside the drum trap. This should clear the clog.

If for some reason you were not successful clearing the clog then the issue is probably to far down the drain pipe for the shop vac to suck out the obstruction. 

If you need assistance for drain cleaning your clogged bathtub then you can call drain Monkeys at (269) 366-8087.

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