How To Unclog A Toilet

How To Unclog A Toilet

How to unclog a toilet in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Portage, Augusta, Battle Creek, Plainwell, Bellevue, Bedford, Galesberg, Marshall, Athens, Union City, Tekonsha, Coldwater & surrounding areas in Michigan. Sometimes it can be very frustrating because toilets have changed a lot over the years. Most toilets now days only use a fraction of water they use to for a flush. The government has put restitution on the manufactures on how much water can be used for a flush causing a lot of toilets to clog up. Some manufactures have gotten smart & made the opening of the trap inside the stool bigger to handle more wast. If you are trying to unclog your toilet always check to make sure you don’t have a clogged sewer first. If you have tried plunging the first thing you should know is the plunger shouldn’t have a horn on it. You want to use a plunger that is cheap & is very flat on the bottom because the fancy ones don’t crate a good suction. You are much better off with a cheap plunger trust me.

If you cant get the plunger to release the obstruction then you will have to pull the stool .We will tell you how to fix your clogged toilet if you need to pull the stool.

Before you pull your toilet you will need to suck out the water of the tank and the bowl of the stool. You should start by turning off the water from the shut off valve located at the bottom of the water supply line. Then off the water supply line to the tank it is easier to take it off at the bottom of the tank than it is at the valve. Now you are ready to take off the beauty caps & nuts from the bolts at the base of the toilet.

After removing the nuts from the stool bolts you are ready to remove the toilet from the stool flange it is best to straddle the toilet and pick it up where the tank & bowl meet together.

After you have put the toilet off to the side of the toilet flange you are ready for the next step. If you have a good powerful shop vac take a rag & rap it around the end of the shop vac hose being careful not to let it suck in the shop vac hose. take the shop vac. hose & insert it into the opening of the trap of the toilet. Don’t let the shop vac. suck any air around the hose while it is in the opening of the trap this will alow maximum sucking from the shop vac. to try & pull the obstuction out of the toilet.

Sometime you may have to do the same process from the bottom of the toilet. If you try this process from the bottom, have someone take another rag & close off the top end of the opening to the stool with a rag. This will allow for the best result in getting out the clog of the toilet.

Most of the time if your shop vac. is big enough it will pull the clog out with no problem.

There has been time I personally had to use a soldering torch to get the clog out of a toilet. Kids will flush the strangest thing down a stool & I wondered to myself how did the fit down the trap. If you are able to see the foreign object causing the clog you can use long nose pliers to reach it & pull it out.

If you cant pull it out because it wont squeeze through the opening this is where the torch comes in handy. When you use a torch (Drain Monkeys assumes no responsibility for damage to you, the toilet or your home do this at your own risk.) You should always do this outside where you can’t catch anything on fire so please take the toilet outside for this process.

When the toilet is outside fire up the torch & heat up the object you trying to retrieve. Most of the time in my experience it is usually plastic & you can just burn it out shrinking it down to pull it out. You can also try heat up a wire coat hanger & using it to cut it down in small pieces using the heated coat hanger as a cotter iron so to speak. Please be careful if you get your toilet to hot with the torch you can crack the stool and you may not even know it until you use it again.  

After you have removed the clog then you are ready to reinstall your toilet. Make sure you replace the wax ring & while you are at it you should replace the stool bolts as well. This will only insure a good seal when the toilet makes contact with the stool flange. Water leaks can cause a lot of damage so it is very highly recommend you replace this parts. Don’t forget to hook back up the water supply line & turn the water back on & your in bushiness.

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This is a cheap plunger that you should use
how to unclog a toilet in plainwell a cheap plunger for unclogging a toilet

These plungers work the best so please don,t waste your money on expensive ones. This one will give the best performance to unclog your toilet.

how to unclog a toilet with a shop vac