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Rooter Service In Kalamazoo, MI

Our rooter service in Kalamazoo, MI is on standby 24/7 for your clogged drains like your toilet, plumbing, grease trap, 3 compartment sink, hand sink, septic tank, trench drains, floor drain, bathroom sink, pop machine drain, urinal, kitchen sink, pipes, storm drains, bathtub, utility sink, sewer, roof vents, plumbing, pipes, septic tank. Drain Monkeys has been drain cleaning in Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1996. If your looking for a reputable drain cleaning company that offers very low rates, upfront with their pricing & no hidden fees guaranteed, then you should call drain Monkeys for all your drain cleaning needs. You can’t go wrong with Drain Monkeys because of their 23 years of cleaning clogged drains. They know how to take good care of their customers & your backed-up drains. Drain Monkeys ultimate goal is to offer the best of service to their customers & for your clogged drains. Drain cleaning in Kalamazoo, MI you can count on drain Monkeys to take care of your drains  24/7 because your emergency shouldn’t have to wait until the next day. You will find that Drain Monkeys promises to always try to keep their rates cheaper than most of their major competitor’s rates day or night. 

Drain cleaning for your kitchen sink in Kalamazoo, MI. Usually when we are cleaning your clogged sink drain we can be done within the first hour if your kitchen sink drain line runs less than 50 feet. The rooter machine we use is the Ridgid K-3800 that has 75 feet of cable on it which is more than enough to clear any obstruction out of the pipe. When Drain Monkeys sends you a technician to unclog your kitchen sink he will always run the sink drain pipe to the tie in at the main drain (sewer pipe) to ensure your drain will last a very long time. The technician will run a lot of water to test his work when he is done.

Our rooter service in Kalamazoo, MI has found that the most common causes of a kitchen sink clog is heavy grease build, scale, bellies in the plumbing of your kitchen sink, Lint. When you use your garbage disposal you will get a grease build up from the food that has deposited in the plumbing of your drain pipe. Food will beak down over time from the bacteria eating away at the food deposits in the pipe turning it into a thick black grease eventually causing a clog in your kitchen sink. If you have a long run on the plumbing of your kitchen sink say for instance 60 feet & it is an over head pipe that is 1 1/2 inches or 2 inch drain pipe, if they didn’t hang enough straps to support your plumbing you will get what we call bellies in the pipe. The bellies will hold water & grease & over night when their is no water running through the plumbing the food will settle & keep building up layers of grease until it plugs up. If you don’t have updated plumbing for drain pipes in an older home & you have galvanized or cast iron plumbing then the pipes will get a build-up of scale. Scale in a pipe will snag food, lint if your washer machine drain is tied into the kitchen sink drain pipe. Our machines will clean out most of the sclae that has built up in your pluming. The only way to get rid of all the scale is to have your plumbing updated to PVC pipe.

When you use our rooter service in Kalamazoo, MI for your clogged toilet. We will use our drain snake auger to remove the clog in the trap of the toilet & sometime it may be necessary to use our shop vac. to suck the obstruction out of the trap if our drain snake auger doesn’t get it. If we cant get with that process we will have to pull the commode & then we will auger the bottom of the stool to force the clog back up through the top of the toilet. Once we have cleared the obstruction out of the stool we will reset the commode back onto the toilet flange with a new wax ring. It is important to use a new wax ring as this will ensure a good seal for the toilet so it wont leak. The service technian will check the internal parts of the stool in the tank to make sure they are working properly & if they are not he will make adjustments to ensure the performance of your stool is working the way it was intended.  

Common cause of a clogged toilet are scale build up in the trap of the toilet, foreign material such as applicators, tampons & wet wipes, Fill valve, flush valve. If you have hard water the deposits from the minerals (scale) in the water will affect the working parts on the fill valve over time the build-up will start to make the fill valve fill the toilet with less water affecting the performance of each flush. Scale can also build up on the flush valve (flapper) causing your toilet to leak water into the bowl making the fill-valve turn off & on through out the day & night with out you even using the toilet. This can cause a clog (poor flush) at times & it will make your water bill higher as the toilet keeps refilling the tank because of the water loss in the tank. Tampons, wet-wipes, applicators can snag up in the trap of the toilet causing it to clog up because they don’t break up like toilet paper does. Toilet paper is design to break up into small pieces unlike tampons, wet wipes & applicators, these do not break at all. If the package tells you they are flushable it is wise not to flush them down the toilet. These products are not good for septic tanks or for the sewer treatment plant in Kalamazoo, MI.

When you use our rooter service in Kalamazoo, MI for your clogged sewer (main drain) we will send you a trained drain Technician for your clogged sewer he will always clean the entire pipe to your septic tank or to the city sewer of Kalamazoo at the center of the street, which ever your main drain (sewer pipe) ties into. The only time it wont we cleaned all the way to the tie in is if you have a bad line or broken sewer pipe. Most pluming for the sewer pipe will run about 65 feet to 90 feet to the tie in at the street. Septic tank drain pipes will have a run of about 20 feet to 50 feet. Sometimes it is agood odea to call the city of Kalamazoo sewer & water department before calling us if you are hooked up to the city sewer. If you call them & the clog in the sewer at the street then your problem should be fixed if its on them. If you call us & we rooter out your pipe & find that there is a clog in the cities sewer pipe then we still have to charge you for our rooter service in Kalamazoo, MI this way it could cost you less by making a simple phone call to the sewer & water dept of Kalamazoo. When you call them ask if their is a charge because as far as we know their is no charge for them to check their manholes out at the street for a plugged up sewer. There will be signs of sewage backing up into your home if the city lateral it clogged even if your not running any water at all.

Common causes of a clogged sewer are roots, sludge, low spots in the sewer pipe, offset joints & foreign material ( tampons, wet-wipes & applicators) Grease & Scale. Roots will invade your pipe through cracks, PVC joint that weren’t glued together well. Most cracks will devolve in Clay Tile pipe because over the years clay tile will get brittle & the force of the roots will cause it to crack & then they work their way into the sewer main causing it to clog up over time. PVC plumbing (sewer pipe) at the time the plumbers installed it they should use plenty of glue & if they didn’t then the roots will find their way through the joint that wasn’t glued properly . Once the roots & all it takes is a few hair line roots to go through these joints then they will just multiply inside the main drain (sewer) causing your sewer to back up. Even if you have the tree or shrub cut down this will not get rid of the roots problem as roots only need a water source to stay alive. Our rooter service in Kalamazoo, MI recommends the best way to get rid of the root problem is to have your plumbing of the sewer pipe cleaned & the roots dug up in your yard with a backhoe. If you have cast-iron pipes you will get a scale build up (rust) inside the pipe at time the sclae can be thick & hard for us to clean it completely free of scale. If you flush tampons, wet wipes & applicators down the toilet it will make its way to the sewer main if it doesn’t just clog up the toilet first. When these foreign materials have made its way into the main drain they will snag in the scale, offset joint, low spots caucusing a chain reaction behind them. Once they have piled up in a section of sewer pipe then all the solids & toilet paper build up & cause a major clog inside the pipe. If you wait to long then it can take even longer to unclog your sewer drain because it will start to get a thick sludge build up that will take a lot of water & rooting of the pipe to clear out the clog. Our rooter service in Kalamazoo recommends getting your sewer cleaned as soon as you start to see any signs of a sewer clog. Grease can also clog your sewer because over the years food from the kitchen, washing clothes from the washer machine, taking a bath in the bathtub, washing dishes from the kitchen sink, brushing your teeth in the bathroom sink drain, all these drains tie into the sewer pipe causing the grease build up that can cause the main drain to clog up.

Our rooter service also cleans clogged washer machine drains. When we clean washer drain it will be cleaned thoroughly as well will clean ht entire drain pipe all the way to where it ties into. the washer drain can tie into a floor drain or a kitchen drain. If you are washing your cloths & when the water discharges the water then it backs up through the floor drain or your kitchen sink then you know it ties into these drains. We will use our Ridgid K-3800 machine with 75 feet of drain cleaning cable to reach the clog. Most washer machine drains will have a run of 5 feet to 50 feet. Our drain cleaning machine will catch the lint that has built up over the years that has collected inside the plumbing (drain pipe) for the washer drain.

Common causes of a washer machine drain clog are lint, grease, scale. Washer machines have a lint trap built into them but it doesn’t filter out all the lint & this will clog your washer drain. When the washer is on the spin cycle it will discharge the water & lint at the same time. When the lint gets washed down the drain it will collect inside the washer drain pipe. The lint will snag on any offset joint, low spots, scale in the plumbing (PVC, cast-iron, galvanized) drain pipes. Grease build up will also collect the lint making the lint stick to the grease until it fills the pipe causing it to clog up with the lint & grease build up.

Our rooters service in Kalamazoo, MI cleans clogged bathtubs in Kalamazoo, MI. When our technician cleans your clogged bathtub drain he will take out the stopper at the overflow in the tub. He will inspect the stopper cleaning it free of any hair build up & soap scum. Once he is done with that he will use his drain snake & clean it from the overflow in the bathtub. Usually the tub drain will have a run of 5 feet to 20 feet before tying into the sewer main.

Common causes of a clogged bathtub clog are hair, soap scum, scale, sludge. Over the years of taking a shower or bath your body will shed hair that will go down the tub drain & cause it to clog up because it will usually log at the trap or a 90 degree elbow. If your plumbing is cast iron or galvanized it will catch the hair from the scale (rust) build up inside the drain pipe.

Our rooter service in Kalamazoo, MI also thaws out frozen pipes with our hydro jet. Some times in Michigan we can get some very cold days that can freeze up your pipes causing them to clog with ice. When we are drain cleaning with our drain cleaning machines & we cant seem to get past the clog & it is very extremely cold out side it can freeze up the water in the pipes. If this happens then we will have to use our hydro jet (high pressure water) at 3,100 PSI to incinerate the ice clog.

Common causes of frozen pipes in Kalamazoo, MI is because the pipes are expose to very cold drafts where the extreme cold air will blow on the pipe freezing the water that’s left in the pipe. The best thing you can do to prevent your drains, pipes, plumbing from freezing up is to make sure your exposed pipes are wrapped with heat tape & insulated from extreme cold drafts & wind.

If your in need of drain cleaning call for our rooter service in Kalamazoo, Michigan toady. We are here for your convince 24/7, (269) 366-8087

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