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Our 24/7 rooter service in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Portage, Plainwell, Delton, Mattawan, climax, schoolcraft, Vicksburg, Centreville, Threerivers, Scottes, Fulton, Galesburg, Agusta, Athens, Union City, Burlington, Tekonsha, Marshall, Albion, MI can rooter out your backed-up drains like a toilet, kitchen sink, sewer, bathroom sink, washer machine drain, utility sink, bathtub, floor drains, storm drain, pipes & plumbing. Drain Monkeys has some of the best roto machines to rooter out all your clogged pipes. If your looking for a company that has cleaned drains since 1996 in Southwest, Michigan & is honest with pricing with no hidden fees guaranteed, then you can depend on Drain Monkeys for all your drain cleaning needs.

Drain Monkeys has some of the cheapest rates that you will find in your area location that is a reputable drain cleaning company. Drain Monkeys is all about offering the best of care for their customers &  the highest of guilty workmanship.

When we rooter out your clogged kitchen sink the Technician will always clean the pipe all the way to where it dumps into the main drain not leaving any of the plumbing uncleaned. Drain Monkeys only cleans kitchens sink the right way the first time to ensure a very long lasting drain.

Cleaning your clogged bathtub in Southwest, MI, the service technician will clean the entire tub drain pipe cleaning it free from hair, soap scum & grease. The tub line usually has a short run anywhere from 5 feet to 20 feet. After the technician is finished with servicing the tub drain he will run a lot of water to test his work.

Cleaning your clogged sewer, when we send you a drain cleaning technician he will clean your main drain from the toilet or from a clean out in the basement or yard. The sewer pipe will be cleaned all the way to your septic tank or to the center of the street where it ties into the city main. Most common causes of a sewer clog are roots, bellies, grease, offset joints in the plumbing drain pipe of your sewer. Most sewer drain pipes will have a run of 90feet or less to the tie in at the street. If your on a septic tank the plumbing (main drain) will tie into the septic tank usually 40 feet or less.

When we rooter out your clogged bathtub ,our service technician will check the stopper & cross T for hair & soap scum. After he has inspected those he will use his rooter machine the General pipe cleaner Super Vee to rotter out the drain pipe. Usually the drain pipe will run 5 feet to 20 feet before dumping into the main drain. Common causes of a clogged bathtub is hair, soap scum, grease & scale 

Servicing your clogged washer machine drain, your washer drain will be cleaned from either a stand pipe, floor drain or from the pipe just past the P-trap or S-trap. We will clean the entire pipe removing lint & scale from the inside of the plumbing for the drain. The average run for the washer drain is about 20 feet to 40 feet. Common causes of a clogged washer drain are heavy lint build up, grease, scale. The washer machine will deposit lint in the drain on the spin cycle eventually causing it to clog. Our rooter machines will remove the lint leaving your pipe like new again. 

When we rooter out your clogged toilet, Drain Monkeys service technician will start my using his shop vac. to remove the clog out of the trap of the commode. After he has done that he will use his snake auger to pull out the obstruction out of the toilet. Sometimes it may be necessary to pull the toilet & repeat the same process. when we are done servicing the toilet we will test it with several flushes with toilet paper to make sure it flushes with out backing up. Common causes of a clogged toilet is foriegn material such as tampons, applicators, wet wipes & calcium deposits in the trap of the commode.

Drain Monkeys also has a Tv Camera for video inspections of sewer & drain pipes as well as a hydro jet.  Great for cleaning your clogged drains removing obstructions like Ice, scale, grease. If your drains, plumbing, pipes freeze up & ice is clogging up your plumbing our hydro jet (high pressure water) will clear out the ice unthawing your plumbing for your drains & pipes. Our jet will go up to 3,1000 PSI cleaning & thawing out plumbing (pipes) so your drains will be flowing like new again in know time at all. The hydro jet also will clean out grease build-up that has accumulated over the years leaving your pipe very clean. If you have cast-iron or galvanized pipes (plumbing) our hydro jet will descale (removing rust) from your drains. While our jet has 3,100 PSI of drain cleaning power it will not harm your pipes, plumbing & drains.

If your in need of drain cleaning  call us 24/7 because we are here when you needs us for your drain emergencies. (269) 366-8087

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